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Dear Guests! Oh, how we have missed you! We now very much look forward to welcoming you back! Our team have been very busy behind closed doors during Lockdown, making sure that everything is looking as good as it possibly can ahead of your return! We hope you are as pleased as we are! We have taken every possible step to safeguard both yours and our staffs welfare as well as giving our wonderful establishment whole load of TLC. Not only have we deep, deep cleaned everything, we have put in place precautions that have been thoughtfully planned out, to comply with government guidelines. Welcome back! What have we done? Government Guidance: 1. We have complied with Government Guidance on Staying COVID-19 secure in 2020. You will see the Government poster in our windows confirming this. 2. We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and shared its results with all of our staff. They have had to read it and be trained on all of the controls, before being given an exam on the subject and its contents. 3. We have implemented social distancing measures throughout so you have more space for your booking 4. We have enabled and encouraged increased personal hygiene throughout by installing hand sanitising dispensers at entry/exits doors, bathrooms and also in other prominent locations, please feel free to use these as soon as you arrive and regularly whilst you are our guests! Managing numbers, bookings & payment: 1. We strongly encourage you to book with us before you arrive. This will ensure that you get one of the best seats in the house and also that our staff can be fully prepared to look after you and your guests. 2. We have a new exciting app that allows you to book and order! More details of this will be available as soon! 3. We have reduced capacity whilst still trying hard to keep the ambience. There will be a safe space between you and our other customers, and external seating in some of our venues that are lucky enough to have beautiful outside spaces 4. We will ask you for contact information either before or upon arrival. This is so that we can assist with any Test and Trace initiative, should we need to in the future. We will keep all your data secure and hold it for 21 days in line with Government Guidance. 5. We are going cash free! We encourage contactless payment wherever possible, Dining with us: 1. We never did have table linen, and we won’t be introducing it! Bare tables are safest and easiest to clean so were keeping them that way! They are sanitised after every use. Salt and pepper will also be sanitised before being put on your table, as will all cutlery, crockery, glassware and other condiment containers. 2. All menus will either be single use, sanitisable or displayed on blackboards, that way we can assure you that when looking at our tasty treats, your kept safe 3. Our signature Bottomless Brunches are back! We will be limiting sittings as we did before, this will help us control numbers at all times 4. Our friendly staff won’t come up to your table unless you request it, so please give them a friendly wave or a smile to get their attention. If you don’t want anything, they will leave you in peace to enjoy yourselves 5. If outside, please order and collect at the identified areas at the bar Drinking with us: 1. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to have guests stand at the bar, so please follow the queueing system for ordering and collecting Emergency procedures: 1. If, prior to arrival, you have any COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, or loss of taste and smell, we ask that you contact us, before leaving home, so that we can reschedule your booking. 2. It is important to note, that for the safety of other guests and our team, any guest with us that displays symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will be asked to seek medical attention and leave the premises. 3. If you have an accident whilst with us, we have first aid equipment that you are very welcome to use, but we will try to refrain from giving first aid if it can be selfadministered. Our business partners: We will be receiving visitors and contractors to site by appointment only. All visitors or contractors are asked to complete a health questionnaire and are issued a copy of our Covid-19 secure operating procedures, which includes strict guidelines for their visit. Our teams commitment to you: • All team members are required to: – o Stay at home when unwell o Follow the company’s COVID-19 Secure operating procedures o Complete COVID-19 Secure training and risk assessment acknowledgement o Practice good personal hygiene, including regular hand washing, upon arrival and throughout the day o Maintain social distance • Our Senior Management team monitor government guidance daily and act quickly to implement changes and train staff accordingly.



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